Sunday, May 18, 2014

This is a small video I made regarding "Working with decals" ... Enjoy!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Painting jars mixers

Making models is always fun but sometimes there are some models that you just want to stick them in the box and forget them.
What I do for balancing this scale between fun and tedious is ... method. Investigate , browse online forums and talk to modelers at expo's or skype to learn new methods.

I love to paint and I think my favorite tool in the bench is the airbrush and the compressor.
Wen I go to paint a model I get most frustrated with the time I spent mixing the paint. This is because of "mother gravity" ... she always makes the paint thick on the bottom of the jar and thin on top.

So the tip for this post is... Paint jar mixing... this might seem has a really simple and stupid tip but KISS is my motto (KISS = Keep it simple and stupid)

What do you need ??? Just a bunch of small non-corrosive nuts .

1 step - Open the paint jar or prime bottle

2 step - Drop some nuts in (for prime bottles I use 2 or 3 nuts for pain jars I use 1)
3 step - Close the bottle and you are done.... every time you need to paint just give it a shake and you will have it mixed (I love the rattling noise it makes :) )

 You can use with a lot of paint brands....

Again ... this may look like a very simple and stupid process but I tell you it will save you a lot of time.

Please dont forget ... when the jar is empty use the nuts on another jar of the same color and brand... or clean the nuts with alcohol and re-use them.