Friday, April 4, 2014

Defining the Muzzle Brake

I have been doing a bit more research on the M41 and have found I modeled the muzzle brake inaccurate. This was due to using the original kit piece as a reference, A mistake I should have realized. But with a quick Google search I was able to pull a photo of the real brake. Using this I have remodeled the CAD drawing and it will print with realistic detail.

Reference Image:

You will notice the protruding tabs, in the kit part these did not extend past the outer ring. Mistake #1.
You will also notice there is a recessed hole on the bottom (and top) of the muzzle brake. The kit had them as embossed details with square corners. A close look finds these are indented and have arches on each end. Mistake #2.

It was a simple and quick fix by editing the CAD sketch of each of these details, and now the part is ready for print and assembly onto the model.

Reworked muzzle brake: