Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fountain base and ready for Casting

So today I was able to put in a little time on the Italian Fountain. I worked a bit on the fountain its self and then the major work was put in on the fountain base.

To start with, I needed something to support the small overhang from the pillar base on the sides. At first I was going to continue the pillar all the way down, but I thought that would take away from the element at the top. So in scavenging around my studio I found the perfect piece to use.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

AK interactive Pigment Review

Today I was able to sit down and put the AK pigments to the test. I will be demonstrating these pigments to create the ground effects of a diorama. In this review I will be focusing on three pigments; AK-081 Dark Earth, AK-042 European Earth, and AK-041 North Africa Dust.

I will be using celluclay for the base and will add the pigments to it in order to get a nice color that goes all the way through. This will help in the event the ground work gets chipped, it will not expose a bright white color. This technique can also be used with plaster if that is your medium of choice when it comes to groundwork.

The first thing I noticed about these pigments was the very fine grinding. There are no clumps and when rubbed between my fingers it gave a nice smooth covering of color. This is a very good sign that it will be easy to add the pigments to figures and vehicles to blend them into the base.