Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Project Started

I know, I know, its been ages since my last post. I apologize for the absence, life getting in the way again.

I have started a new project, not military related, but the techniques can be applied to and diorama or structure build. This project is going to be a super detailed Christmas village. I have always wanted to build my one ever since I was a young boy seeing the village my mother would put out each year. I always thought they lacked detail and like; they were just chunks of porcelain after all.

Well, Now I have gained the knowledge and experience to finally work on this life long little dream of mine. The first house of the village will be based off of the plans from the Sears Modern Home collection. Back in the day when the department store actually sold real life house kits, all materials included, you just had to supply the man power to build it.