Friday, November 2, 2012

Bringing life to the model

The last couple days I have had limited time to work, however, I was able to get a start on the windows and doors. At this point, the windows are done and I just need to work on the front door of the house.

The windows were created with a bit of scratch building and spare parts box raiding. The frames were scratch built while the grid of the windows was cut out of the Miniart window set and modified to fit. I think they came out rather well.

The large door is complete scratch. I started with a sheet of balsa wood and cut it to shape. I used the sheet instead of individual planks because it is a bit faster and because it is better for casting to make sure it is a solid piece. The planks were then marked out and engraved using a couple different sized awls. Wood grain was enhanced with a wire brush and an awl to give the deeper worn wood look. Using the awl, I distressed the bottom of the door to mimic the look of a weather beaten and rotting door.

The door handles were created by bending copper telephone wire into a loop and one into a bracket. They were then secured with CA glue.

Door hinges were drawn in CorelDraw X6 and printed on heavy card stock; carefully cut out with my hobby blade and secured to the doors with CA glue. I then added individual 0.05 mm bolt heads on the strap hinge to mimic the look of the hinge being bolted to the door.

Enough of the talk, lets see some pictures!