Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chipping fluids

First of all let me say that I'm really happy to belong to the author family of Scale Military Diorama Blog !!

About chipping fluids...

Some time ago I got some chipping fluids from Mig Productions and AK interactive, and decided to test them out.
You might ask "Why use this products while I have salt and hairspray?" , well the word I can find for the answer is "control" . Using this products gives you more control on the direction and intensity of the chipping. The question on "Witch one is the best?" , that is not for me to answer but for you to try out, no words, pictures or videos are best then the "hands on" approach. Its true that I have a favorite but this is for me and may not be for you... 

I have made some videos on my experience using this products that I would like to share and hope that they be as a starting point for your "chipping experiences".

 Mig Productions Absolute chipping


AK Interactive - Heavy Chipping

Now go to the workbench and start chipping that plane, tank, boat, spaceship, figure... or a piece of plastic ;)

Tips : 
Tanks .. German red primer or panzer grey has base and a dunkelgelb camo on top just looks amazing!
Planes .. a nice base of a metalic paint and a green on top... apply a bit of masking tape and pull it hard... gives a nice effect on that WWII jap plane!!

Curiosity :
I was chipping a Model and in the middle of the process I had to leave the workbench... totally forgot about it... for days and days... when I got back I thought "How am I going to tackle this now??"... decided to try where I left off... and for my surprise it was still chipping like the beginning :D