Thursday, March 20, 2014

Starting to Add Life to the Scene

This evening I began the building of the figures I will be using on this base. I chose to use the Dragon Winter Combat set #6154 to help set the mood of cold. I had this set on the shelf for many years but never really knew what I wanted to put them in. Well, now I have the perfect excuse to utilize them!

I will be using three of the four figures, the far left figure will not be used in this scene. He will be re-purposed for another diorama, another day.

Now this set is fairly old, so the fit wasn't all that good when it came to the weapons; but with time and some modifications I was able to get them to work. There are gaps that will need to be filled on the smocks and a couple arms, but that should be no problem. At the end of the evening I had them all cleaned up and glued ready for some primer.

Here is the basic layout I will be going with on this base. I am thinking of calling this one "Contact" or finding the German word for contact and using that. Only fitting as they are German soldiers.