Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Put a Stone On It

Little progress as of late; I removed the exsisting water and recreated the look of the water scape area. Bit more elevation to it and most important, stone on the edge. Its not in every stream, however, I think it adds a bit more interest rather than the earth right into the water. This also brings in the all important elevation in the diorama as well.

I also have scraped the tree that I was sculpting as I was not particularly pleased with how it was turning out. The new plan is in progress and will be reveiled at a later date. So I have used a resin casting of a stump I sculpted about a year ago, the toothpicks hold open the spots in the fresh groundwork for the above mentioned plan.

I also have planted some vines on the wall; this shows what you can do just by taking a walk in the garden. All the vines are natural, made from dried weed roots. So if the wife asks you to help weed the flowers, by all means DO IT!! It will add to your vine colection! : ) At a later date, I will be adding the ivy leaves to the vines with another natural product found in the yard. Each one will be placed individualy as well as painted one by one.

But for now, here is some pics of the progress. Now I have to wait for the groundwork to dry.....