Thursday, December 5, 2013

Diorama entitled "Going stealth, The art of camouflage”

This diorama entitled "Going stealth, The art of camouflage” is situated in East Prussia late 1944. The Panther is Tamiya with PE and aluminum barrel, the motorcycle is also Tamiya, the Pak is AFV, and the figures are DML. The old ruined castle is scratch built from plaster, so as for the other structures on the diorama. The story behind this diorama is how the last Panzer of the 5th Panzer Division is dragging a wooden bar behind it so as to cover the tracks of the retreating forces. I took 2 prizes for this diorama in "Beirut Model Show 2013"; the golden award 1st prize and the "Best Of Show" prize too, were we had Mig Jimenez as our special guest.