Monday, December 9, 2013

More on my diorama project "Muddy Konrad III"

Up next were the vehicles. Started with Miniart’s BA-64, such a marvelous kit to build. Slight detail was scratch built on it such as copper wire for all handles, rough texture for all panels using Tamiya putty, and all weld seams were re-created... Primed in grey

The turret was given more attention as to re-create a canvas on it. Tamiya 2 part putty was used to do it, also small metal parts were added to enhance the visual aspects.
The BA-64 was colored using the “Color Modulation” technique, lovely effects.
The vehicle was weathered and ready to be placed on the diorama. Mud was created by splashing plaster mixed with several AK earth products.

Another view of the BA-64. The hit marks on its side were drilled during the building process, and then painted black,  and using AK dark metal bare metal was simulated