Saturday, December 7, 2013

Step by Step for my diorama project "Muddy Konrad III"

This article will be a brief step by step on my diorama... Enjoy

I started my diorama by forming a rock-like shape from cork material.  1cm thick sheets of cork were glued over each other to the wanted height. Then using a hard file I formed the looks of the rock. Piling these sheets of cork horizontally over each other and then filing them gave me a natural look of rock.

Next step was the base, I carved that from Styrofoam. The bridge took shape also from Styrofoam and was covered with pieces of cork with different sizes and shapes to simulate different mediums. All was colored and ready for the rest of the muddy ground work.

The cobble-stone base road of the bridge is a piece of plaster from MK35, also all colored and ready for the muddy effects of the ground work. Highlights and shadows were all used to enhance the artistic look of the diorama.
More next...