Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Laying in Some Color - Italian Stone Arch

Well the last couple days I was able to place tiles on the small side roofs. I decided on using "Spanish Tile" style roof, as I am a sucker for the look. Tiles are cast from Diorama Debris mold, fantastic product! A must have for the diorama architecture builders like myself.

Once the tiles were placed, it was time to lay in some color. I have not painted anything in miniature for quit some time now, so this is being a real challenge for me!

My first attempt at the tiles came out way to red, and dark.... more like bricks, which is fine, other than the fact I was not painting bricks. I had to repaint. No other option.

So, after adjusting my paint mix, I finally ended up with a terracotta color; not brick red! Its a much better look if you ask me. I am sure you didn't ask, but hey, this is my blog so I say so. :)

Now that I have the roof sorted out, it was time to start painting the walls. I first started by pre-shading several of the stones using solid black and a dark gray. This will help with color variation once I start to spray in the base color.

Of coarse, my airbrush took a dump after I barely got started spraying. It is an old piece of crap Aztek I bought used several years ago. But it still leaves me without an AB..... So, time to pull out the brushes to finish this coat up. It is a very thin coat, so I am not worried about it leaving brush marks.

.............. And I already miss my airbrush. I need to get a new one as soon as I can. Painting by brush cannot go on any longer. Boy I miss the airbrush.

This is were the project sits for now, back to work in the morning and wont be at the bench until my days off next week.

-- Happy modeling!